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In today’s competitive world, electronic product is evaluated based on three aspects of design - intelligence, convergence and compactness that immensely contribute in meeting stringent timelines and ever-changing market requirements.

Some of the fields that have benefited from innovative product design, resulting in profit-impacting technological advances, are Industrial Electronics, Building Automation, Health Care and Aerospace Technologies.

EdelStrom Devices strives for client satisfaction with our extensive product design experience and working through the entire process starting with concept formulation and analysis, and up to small-scale rapid prototyping and testing. We give prime importance to thorough implementation, speed of production and efficiency keeping with the cost constraints in mind. This has helped in earning trust of our clients. We are equipped with some of the best facilities in product analysis along with latest test and measurement tools.

Our clients trust us with technical as well as managerial skills required to shape your ideas to life/reality. Furthermore, our technical fineness and market understanding can contribute in making existing product better, cheaper and faster.

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Every good product you see around you was meticulously designed and was designed to solve to an existing problem. These products have led us to advancement, making our life faster and more efficient.

To sustain/grow in today’s competitive market, every company needs to focus on improving their product quality or developing new products. While setting a high quality standard, company also has to look at improving system design, performance of manufacturing processes and selection of elements in automated system. Furthermore, this will result in to reduction of cost and time-to-market. We assure you the best solutions to your system problem when in nee

The entire process in developing a product consists of four basic steps.


Anyone who works with a system might have had a situation where they had to scratch their heads to find the missing block in the puzzle. You get the solution when you discover the problem and we’re introduced to solve that problem.

The process begins with jotting down the specifications of your idea, with active inputs from your team. Specifications help us clearly understand the objective, or the end product. And, based on your initial requirements we will propose a preliminary idea.


The problem discovered by your team will be analysed in detail and the best possible solution will be proposed. This initial proposal will encompass the scope of the product, a detailed technical analysis, activities we would undertake to deliver your project, our deliverables to you, the risks, timescales, and costs.

At every step of this process, your active participation will help us map out the detailed Execution Statement and deliver information to meet your requirements. A formal Execution Statement and the Product Design Specification will constitute the Development Agreement for us to develop your product.

Execution Statement will serve the following purposes:

  • Identification and documentation of the product requirement.
  • Definition of product specifications including hardware & software.
  • Developing NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering), capital and production budgets including cost analysis at quantity levels.
  • Presenting in-house design reviews with documented meeting minutes and traceable action items.
  • Detailed and comprehensive work schedule for specific task and resource allocation.


In this phase, the specification is translated in to the physical form – the prototype. With the prototype, you get a clear understanding of the design intent. It demonstrates form, function and manufacturability that contribute in design validation.

One of the essential steps leading to the design, development as well as final production process is testing a prototype. During the testing phase, proposed prototype is reviewed internally and in the actual working environment to ensure the client satisfaction.


The production facility takes charge of the final stage of production followed by the approval of the prototype. At EdelStrom, diversity and experience drives our engineering professionals to give you the best of manufacturing facilities and solutions available in the market.

Highly talented craftsmen, skilled engineers, software specialists and technicians adeptly handle every stage of mass production. EdelStrom ensures very high degree of precision and accuracy at all levels of production.

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Your partnership with EdelStrom ensures growth and transformation in to meet your organizational objectives. Our spectrum of services ranges from strategic consulting to product engineering up to systems support and maintenance to help meet your goals.
Our expertise and efforts are tailored for custom solutions in product development. We have experience from concept to manufacturing across diverse industry verticals such as:

  • Building Management System
  • Hotel Room Management System
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Other ELV Systems such as Fire Alarm, Central Battery, etc.,
  • Healthcare System
  • Educational System
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