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EBP5011 Relay Module


EEBP5011 is a universal input relay module, which can efficiently be switched by both AC input as well as DC input voltages. This module is compatible with large range of BMS controllers, which provide digital outputs as well as analog outputs.

The switching circuitry gives a reliable operation over a large DC and AC voltage ranges.

EBP5011 is a module that accepts both analog and digital output from a controller.

There are 3 relays in a single pack. Each relay is switched on when the input exceeds 5VDC or 5VAC. Universal operation of the relay module allows the relays to be turned on by analog output of DDC as well.

Produt Datasheet

  • 3 channel relay module
  • 3 Independent relays
  • SPDT Contact Arrangement
  • 10A current rating (rating) at 230VAC
  • Universal relay trigger input of 5V~30V AC/DC
  • Reduced current consumption from inputs: 1mA
  • Din Rail mounting

Power requirement

  • Supply Voltage: 24VAC or 24VDC
  • Absolute max. supply voltage: 28VAC or 38VDC
  • Total Power consumption: max. 3VA at 24VAC


Inputs (Each)

  • Input type : DC or AC, Non-Isolated
  • Input range : 5~30VAC or 5V~30VDC
  • Input power consumption : max. 0.5VA from DDC

The EBP5011 should be installed by a suitably qualified technician in conjunction with any guidelines for the equipment, which it is to be connected to. Field wiring should be installed to satisfy the requirements set out by the manufacturer of the equipment that the module is being connected to. Use screened cable wherever necessary.

The module must be supplied by 24VAC or 24VDC power source. A signal input with 5 ~ 30 VAC or 5~ 30 VDC applied to IN1, IN2 and/or IN3 will energize the respective relay.

The EBP5011 would typically be located within the controller section of a BMS control panel. The module can be snapped on to standard "top hat" profile DIN rail by levering the clip downwards to allow the unit to locate without the need for excessive force.

Wiring Diagram of EBP5011