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ESMSFD2, the MSFD Interface Module, is a compact PCB relay module, which has been specially designed to be used in conjunction with a Fire Alarm module to drive Motorized Smoke/Fire damper.

This module simply acts as an interface module between the FA control module and the damper modules; It does not process any algorithms or controls of the input or output. Any algorithm or control to energize the damper is to be processed by the FA control module.

The MSFD interface module operates directly by 230VAC mains supply. It has an on-board 24VAC transformer, which transforms the power supply that can be utilized by 24VDC relays after appropriate rectification. This rectified 24VDC supply is then passed through the FA control module’s output to energize the on-board relay(s).

On-board relays can be used for switching higher resistive/inductive loads up to 230VAC@4A. The terminal blocks for the dampers are arranged in such a way that, the dampers’ Line/Neutral wires can directly be connected to the terminal blocks.

Produt Datasheet

  • On-PCB Transformer (Step-Down) to drive the relay.
  • On-PCB Fuse holder for both AC230VAC in and 24VAC with 5x20mm, 2A fuse.
  • On-PCB relays with 2 outputs: each output has independent Line/Neutral terminals.
  • PCB Terminal Blocks for 230VAC supply, power indicator, outputs & FA trigger input (All terminals are for 2.5mm2).
  • On-PCB LED indication for Relay “ON” status.
  • On-PCB texts for all terminals such as “230VAC IN”, “Output 1”, “Output 2”, “L”, “N”, “FA CMD”, etc.,
  • Smaller panel size: This module is very compact with on-board PCB and terminals, which helps to use a smaller enclosure for the assembly.
  • Cost-effective: use of this module helps get rid of the bulky transformer and bulky terminal blocks, thereby making a significant cost-reduction.
  • Direct panel mountable.
  • Reduced assembly time.
  • Easy on-site installation.
  • On-board provision for “Damper-ON” panel indicator.

Power requirement

  • Power Supply Input : 230VAC Mains
  • Max Current Consumption (When dampers are not loaded/ not used) : 20mA
  • On-Board Fuse : 4A Max.


  • Control Input : VFC from the FA control module


  • Output type : Power output, 230VAC
  • Output rating (Resistive) : 4A @ 230VAC, 6A @ 125VAC


  • Mounting : Direct on-to the panel


ESMSFD2 should be installed by a suitably qualified technician in conjunction with all guidelines for the equipment, which it is to be connected to.

Field wiring should be installed to satisfy the requirements set out by the manufacturer of the equipment that the module is being connected to. Use screened cable wherever necessary.

ESMSFD2 is powered by 230VAC mains power supply. Both 24VAC and 230VAC to the outputs are protected by 2A fuse.

Wiring Diagram of ESMSFD2